Works full-time, from morning to evening. Sales rep with out-of-office work.

Busy raising her daughter and doing housework. Tends to put off taking caring of herself...

Simple makeup with Lotion + Skincare BB Cream! All set for UV protection too!

For busy mornings, she completes her makeup routine by applying the fast moisture infusing* Lotion followed by the Skincare BB Cream. The Skincare BB Cream keeps skin moist while it is worn** with a "moisturizing function" that infuses moisture and a "protecting function" that wraps and seals the moisture. It also protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

*To the stratum corneum
**From application in the morning to removal in the evening.

 Used Items

Her absolute necessity in the dry office:
feeling refreshed using the Skin Freshener

In the air-conditioned office with a drastic temperature difference from the open air, she uses the Skin Freshener as a moisture remedy against dryness. Relaxing with the aroma that feels oh so good on her skin. She's ready to take on the afternoon!

Used Item

Touching up her makeup with the Beauty Powder:
keeping a natural and bright finish until the evening

She always carries the Beauty Powder in her bag. With a soft texture, this face powder is perfect to use for a touchup, even blending smoothly on oily skin. With her bright skintone intact, she's all set for her important presentation!

 Used Item

For supple and firm skin: following a proper skincare routine using the Skin Freshener + Lotion + Gel♪

She's charging moisture with the Freshel skincare series as tomorrow is a long-awaited girls' night out. A few sprays of the Skin Freshener after a bath preps skin so that the Lotion and All-in-one Gel to follow will infuse more effectively.

Used Items

Create a makeup-free look with both moisture and UV protection using the Aqua Moisture Gel + Skincare CC Cream!

She doesn't want full makeup for her busy mornings. First, she cares for her skin using the Aqua Moisture Gel. This one product serves five functions as lotion, serum, emulsion, cream and moisturizing makeup base. After prepping her skin, she lightly applies the Skincare CC Cream. It brightens dullness and evens skin tone for a natural-looking finish that makes her skin look radiant. The water-based formula is light and gentle on the skin. No more need to panic when someone rings the doorbell♪

Used Items

Enhancing coverage by adding on the Skincare BB Cream

Her child is at an age where she always wants to play outside. It would be a horror to run into other moms without wearing any makeup. For such times, she adds the Skincare BB Cream to her usual natural makeup regime. This gives her more coverage than when she only uses the Skincare CC Cream, completing her makeup~

Used Item

Using the Skin Freshener as a quick-fix solution

Bathing with her daughter is a battle. She tends to skip her own care. But her skin after bathing is in dire need of moisture! The Skin Freshener comes in handy at such times.

Used Item

Caring for skin while feeling refreshed using the Skin Freshener + Aqua Moisture Gel

Finally enjoying a moment of peace after putting her daughter to bed. It was another busy day. She wants to go to sleep…but before that, she uses the Skin Freshener. The aroma of fresh citrus and herbs is oh so refreshing. She follows up with the Aqua Moisture Gel to create a moisture veil and it's off to bed!

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