Skin Care

Moisture infusion to the stratum corneum for clear and bright skin


A brightening* lotion that infuses moisture deep onto the stratum corneum. Provides clear brightness for silky smooth and visibly radiant skin.

<Whitening Lotion>


Active brightening* ingredient: permeating vitamin C*1

Moisturizing ingredients: collagen, hyaluronic acid, niacin*2, apricot extract, kiwi extract

*1 L-ascorbic acid 2-glucoside
*2 Nicotinic acid amide

Permeating vitamin C suppresses melanin production to prevent dark spots and freckles. Moisture ingredients rapidly infuse onto the stratum corneum for clear and bright skin.

Directions for use

After face wash, take an appropriate amount in your hand or onto a cotton pad. Gently pat over your face.
*Reduces dark spot visibility with the product's makeup effect.

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