Skin Care

+1 step for a dramatic moisture boost New solution to fight thirsty skin!


3 functions in 1 product

  • Primer*1

  • Moisture

  • Refreshment

*1 Moisture primer: Softens skin to help the next item easily penetrate the skin.

A mist shower before regular skin care hydrates skin and preps it to enhance effectiveness of the steps to follow.

<Mist-type Lotion>

100% natural fragrance, fresh citrus herb scent

Moisturizing ingredients: double collagen*2, hyaluronic acid
Moisturizing/keratin softening ingredient: apricot extract
Moisturizing/keratin protection ingredient: niacin


Softens skin to help lotion or gel easily penetrate the skin

Using SKIN FRESHENER softens skin to help the next item, whether lotion or all-in-one gel, to penetrate the skin.


Achieve moisture with this one item!

Contains moisturizing ingredients including double collagen, hyaluronic acid, niacin and apricot extract. Moisturize skin with this product alone.


A fine mist for comfortable skin care

A special mist pump adopted to produce a fine mist. Press the pump down to its full depth, and a generous amount of fine mist will be sprayed.

*2 Hydrolyzed collagen, water-soluble collagen

Directions for use

When first using the product, press the pump a few times until it comes out.
At the start of your skincare routine, close your eyes and spray the product directly onto your skin from approximately 20 cm away from your face. Use approximately two pushes for your entire face.
You can also use it after taking a bath or when troubled by dryness throughout the day.
It can also be used on your chest or neck and shoulders.

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